Interested in working with EquityArcade?

It's not just for accredited investors anymore.

For the first time ever, EquityArcade has made it possible for developers to accept investments from non-accredited investors through our equity-based crowdinvesting platform.

What this means is that you can raise funds from a lot more people who are interested in games but couldn’t previously invest in them.

Create your free account.

Getting started is easy. It only takes a minute to create your free account. Once registered, we'll keep you up to date on all the latest opportunities to raise capital through (or not, if you'd prefer we not email you updates).


Complete Developer Application.

Before you can unlock all the features available to developers, you’ll have to submit a Developer Application. It may seem a little tedious at first, but trust us, it's worth it as you’ll ultimately get access to a developer page building tool for advertising your games, a merchandise sales platform, our html5 gaming platform, and our pitch submission tool for fundraising. If you have any trouble with registration, our Support Team is always here to help.


Get Approved. Start Raising Capital.

After we review your application to confirm that you are a developer, you’ll get access to all the tools available to confirmed developers as outlined in number 2 (web page, storefront, html5 game submissions, and pitch submissions). Additionally, you’ll be eligible to compete in upcoming game jam tournaments with generous prize pools intended to help you fund your game!

Why is Equity-based crowdinvesting better?

Equity-based crowdinvesting benefits you as a developer by passing more of the funds raised directly to you.

With equity-based crowdinvesting, developers do not have to incur the cost of gratuitous reward fulfillment. What that means is, more of the money raised passes through to you, the developer, so you can put that money into the game you and your investors believe in!

Additionally, your investors will have a vested interest in your game succeeding, which means that they all have your back in terms of getting the word out about your game!


You get 90% of raised capital.


You get between 60 - 80% of raised capital.

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